Blur Blur Meaning. Blur circle a circular patch of light formed on the retina resulting from a point object whose image is focused either in front of, or behind the retina, or due to excessive aberrations of the optical system of the eye. Heavy smog or early morning fog can blur your view of the city, and two candidates' similar views can blur the differences between their political parties.

How to Blur Photo Background Online from

From longman dictionary of contemporary english. How to use blur in a sentence. Click the background effects ( person ) icon present next to the video and audio switches, and click to select the blur tile from the background settings pane that appears on the right.

Make Unclear, Indistinct, Or Blurred.

The definition of a blur is something being unclear or smudged, or something that is unclear in a person's mind. The size of the blur circle increases with the distance of the ocular image from the. Her face is a blur.

To Make Less Distinct Or Clear.

A hazy or indistinct representation. To obscure by making confused in form or outline; Verb verb blurs, verb blurring, verb blurred.

Something That You Cannot See Clearly:

Make or become unclear or less distinct. Crying hard can cause your vision to blur until you wipe your tears away. With object ‘tears blurred her vision’.

A Hazy Or Indistinct Representation.

(blɜːʳ ) explore 'blur' in the dictionary. The windows were blurred with soot. What does in a blur mean in the sentence below?

‘In Front Of Him The Page Blurred’.

Blur the background before the video call starting on the meeting with box, from under the preview screen, turn on the video and audio switches if not already enabled. To blur is to make or become unfocused and fuzzy. Blur1 /blɜː $ blɜːr/ noun [ countable usually singular] 1.

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