Cookie Run Kingdom Toppings Guide. These are the steps to equip toppings: This opens a new menu where you can equip toppings for that character.

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Open cookie run kingdom.tap on the cookie menu. These are the steps to equip toppings: She makes the arena so easy!

These Are The Steps To Equip Toppings:

If you go the full solid almond route, you’ll give cocoa a bunch of extra damage resistance, which i feel should gel really well with her tanky nature. So, in my opinion, the best toppings for cocoa cookie in crk are either five solid almond, five swift chocolate, or a combo of three of one and two of the other. Custard cookie iii is an adorable rare healing cookie that all players can get for free at the start of the game.

Higher Atk Power Is Always Beneficial In Cookie Run Kingdom, So Searing Raspberries Are The Most Commonly Used Topping In Combos.

All hail custard cookie iii! There are numerous types of toppings in the cookie run kingdom game that you can farm using the cookie run kingdom story mode by simply completing the level again and again. When to unlock toppings in cookie run:

This Opens A New Menu Where You Can Equip Toppings For That Character.

Best custard cookie iii toppings build in cookie run: This makes him an optimal character to use in longer battles, such as boss battles and the guild battle. Kingdom toppings list will break down all the different toppings in this colourful mobile rpg.

Get Your Toppings Right With Our Cookie Run:

At level 30 is when you can equip 5 toppings on your cookies. Tap on the cookie menu. Select the cookie on which you wish to add the toppings.

All Cookies Start Out With 1 Topping Slot And Gain One More At Their 15Th, 20Th, 25Th And 30Th Levels For A Total Of 5 Slots.

Affogato cookie deals dmg over time with the help of debuffs. Despite being a free cookie, custard iii's skill is nothing to scoff at. These are the steps to equip toppings:


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