Easter Egg Gta 5 Mount Chiliad. Chiliad one which has just not been figured out… until now! The mountain itself is 798m (2619 ft) high in both the 3d and the hd universe.

Easter eggs evolved Why gamers spent 3yearsplus from

Rockstar has a history of putting cryptic easter eggs in its games, and its most famous is grand theft auto 5's mount chiliad mystery. Since the initial launch of grand theft auto. Mountain chiliad easter egg 1.0.

The Flying Saucers, The Ghost Etc.

Did anyone ever solve it? The face on mount chiliad is an easter egg in grand theft auto v. Posted by 11 months ago.

Chiliad One Which Has Just Not Been Figured Out… Until Now!

Mount chiliad (3d universe) mount chiliad. 1.0 (current) 1,612 downloads , 4 kb may 06, 2018. Grand theft auto 5 (gta 5) returns to the spotlight with.

(Grand Theft Auto 5 Easter Egg)

It has two different renditions: Mount chiliad is a large mountain located in san andreas that is based on mount shasta in california. Gta 5 is, however, full of little mysteries and easter eggs.

The Face Itself Is Drawn On A Rock Edge And Appears To Have Been Spray Painted.

Gta 5 vehicle paint job mods; Gta 5 i found bigfoot on mount chiliad (gta v scary secret easter egg). Mount chiliad mystery easter eggs, and new zombie eyes gameplay revealed.

From Solving The Mount Chiliad Mystery With Franklin, To Completing The Epsilon Program Missions With Michael, There Are.

In this grand theft auto 5 video you'll find out what happens if you go to mount chil. I’m talking about the wall painting where there is an ufo, egg and. So i haven’t rly played gta v at all since maybe early 2014, but i have always wondered what happened with the mount chiliad easter egg?

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