Funny April Fools Day Pranks For Dad. Wishing a very happy april fools day to you dad. Funny april fools pranks for your dad.

April Fools Pranks For Parents Change all the variations from

I wish that this joke on you does not become a lecture for me later on. This april fools' prank for parents will have them thinking the bread they just bought at the grocery store has already gone moldy. 11 pranks all dads need to try once| not just for dad's;

Oddly Enough I Wasn't Met With The Laughs I Was Expecting.

· put a cutting board on top of it and flip it upside down. Tiktok upside down mug prank · fill a mug with water, sprinkles, etc. Let’s face it…there are few things that are funnier to kids than a classic whoopie cushion prank!

“Eye” See You · 6.

You two are the most amazing fools in my life! Best april fools pranks for kids. My parents keep calling me a fool but they forget where those genes came from!

Brownies For Lunch · 2.

I love you, mom and dad! If you think i am bad then remember that you are my dad. Baby powder on ceiling fans…my kids hate 4/1.

Imagine Their Faces When You Open Up The Box To Reveal Vegetables!

Funny april fools day pranks for parents. Fun april fools pranks for parents. There is nothing i can do about my genes and there is nothing that i can do about my jeans either.

Bathroom Struggles Are The Worst!

Straight outta' horror movie · 5. Hide the cell phone · empty the drawers and closets · dye the milk a weird color · glue coins to the sidewalk · set the alarm clocks ahead an hour. Funny april fools day pranks easy.

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