How To Prank Your Friends By Hacking. It pretty much all comes down to this. Yes seriously this vbscript coding will open up their notepad and type automatically a unique message you want to prank your friend.

Prank Your Friends By Looking Like A Hacker! Using CMD from

When you click on a prank, a new tab will open where you’ll need to go. There are plenty of geeky prank sites that you can use to play a fun joke on your friends. Echo malicous malware has been detected on your computer… pause.

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It pretty much all comes down to this. From a hacker prank simulator to a fake hacking website, here are seven geeky prank sites to fool your friends! Open the computer hacker prank app and type away my friend!

In Fact, There Are A Lot Of Prank Websites On The Internet, Which Facilitates Users To Play Pranks On Their Friends And Have Fun.

Echo attempting to contact your local windows firewall… pause. Whatever you enter into this site will display as hacker codes. We make it look like you're coding like.

From Password Cracker To Secret Deals And Even Nuclear Plants!

This prank site will take you to a page with a black background, and as soon as you start typing, all sorts of codes will appear on. To troll your friends by playing pranks, you don’t always need to have a physical set up. You can choose from pranks such as:

Echo Access Was Denied…Try Again.

If you don’t remember how cron jobs work, this is a great resource. Geekprank is a free site that has various pranks you can play on your friends. Prank your friends with resource hacker.

You Can Set Up Geektyper With The Look You Want And Then Open Your Laptop In Class And Start “Hacking” In Front Of All The People.

Guys today i will be showing how to prank someone be carfull do not refresh the page or leave and again click on it or else it will not work the hacking and. Here’s how you can wake your friend up at 6am every morning to remind him about computer security. When you click on a prank, a new tab will open where you’ll need to go.


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