Pranks To Do On Your Friends At Home. Put up the toilet seat, and wrap the film around the seat as tightly as you can. The most epic prank ever!

Prank your friends and family! Funny april fools pranks from

Do any ridiculously bad accents? Dress your dog in a shirt and tie! Dave, call the dog dave.

For This Prank, You’ll Need To Buy Some Clear Plastic Film.

A lot of times, when you sign up for a random page on google, they will ask for your email address and if you want to sign up for their newsletter. Tell your friends and family that morning that you won’t be pulling any pranks this year, but act suspicious or giggle to yourself, so they don’t believe you. It is up to you to decide whether you want to use something tame like the person below did on this (picture courtesy of reddit), or maybe you want to ramp things up a little and sticky naughty pictures eveywhere, it depends on the colleague and whether you want.

Send Your Teachers A Prank Call.

For smartphone users, there's a variety of prank apps to choose from. 23 evil genius april fools’ pranks to pull on your friends, family, & coworkers. Unfortunately, pranks can easily go wrong and hurt someone mentally or physically.

Put Up The Toilet Seat, And Wrap The Film Around The Seat As Tightly As You Can.

Dress your dog in a shirt and tie! Slide some tomatoes in your friend’s pants, while he/she is sleeping. However, every time it has fresh humor to it.

Get Hundreds Of Cups And Fill Them With Water And Place Them Carefully All Through The School Corridors.

There are a lot of lame april fools’ jokes out there, especially the ones companies pull every year. The most epic prank ever! Although, i will say, google is definitely a standout for some good ones.

Effects Range From Scratches To Fire And Smoke.

These easy pranks even though funny, should maintain some form of decorum. Even the best of friends sometimes cross the line by sharing pranks that either don’t make sense or Give your friends a nice warm sticky shower.

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