Pranks To Play On Your Friends Through Text. Enter the repetition limit (maximum 9999) and press the share. It appears you’re not at home, so i will deliver the package to the distribution center where you can pick it up tomorrow.’ a classic!

How to iPhone Text Bomb Your Friends The Ultimate SMS from

You legit need only their number to do so. Press the whatsapp icon and select the contact that. Let your friend believe that they too have to come and work on the weekend.

‘Hi, It’s The Delivery Guy.

4 hilarious pranks to play on friends over text. Or even with pranks to play with your boyfriend over text. It is always fun to get engaged with pranks to play on your girlfriend over text.

Position The “Tail” Under A Cabinet, Leaving A Portion Exposed.

The second category involves those funny texts you can send your friends but not your parents or boss. I have some which i shall willingly share with you. “a group of kittens is called a.

It Appears You’re Not At Home, So I Will Deliver The Package To The Distribution Center Where You Can Pick It Up Tomorrow.’ A Classic!

>o<” depending on the nature of your friend, they might not respond. If they don’t figure it out after a few minutes, tell them it was just a prank! That's the perfect time for this prank text!

This Is One Of The Simplest Yet Most Effective Texts You Can Play On Your Friends.

This prank will work better when your friend is in a. See more ideas about text pranks, funny texts, funny text messages. Empty a shampoo bottle and fill it with baby oil.

It's Just So Much Fun To Joke Around With Our Friends!

Take a look at 10 examples of awesome text message pranking to see what we’re talking about… 1. Great for a good laugh. Tape an x across the restroom doorway and post a do not use sign on the door.


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